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Invite your friends to play Qwixx online, a dice game where the object is to cross off as many numbers as you can in each row.
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The object of Qwixx is to cross off as many numbers as you can in each row.

Numbers must be crossed out from left to right in each of the four rows.

Left to right

On the Qwixx board below, the number 6 in the red row is crossed out. Numbers 2-5 in the red row may not be crossed out later in the game.

How to play

The first player (the active player) rolls all six dice. Then the following actions are carried out in order.

  1. All players may (but are not required to) add up the two white dice and cross out one number in any row.
  2. The active player may then add one white die with any colored die and cross out a number in the row corresponding to the colored die.


If the active player does not cross out a number on their turn, they must take a penalty worth -5 points at the end of the game. So it is to the active player's benefit to choose one of the two actions if possible.

End of a round

Once all actions are complete, the next player becomes the active player and the dice are re-rolled.

Locking out a row

Once you cross out 5 numbers in a row, you may then play the left-most number (12 for red/yellow, 2 for green/blue) when the dice allow it. If you cross out the left-most number in a row, the lock symbol is also crossed out. This indicates that the row is locked out for all players and numbers of this color cannot be crossed out in future rounds. The die of the corresponding color is immediately removed from the game.

Ending the game

In Qwixx, the game ends as soon as either someone has accrued their 4th penalty or two dice have been removed from the game from locking out rows.


Qwixx players boards display scoring legends that indicate how many points are gained based on the number of X's in each row. For example, if you cross out 5 numbers in the blue row you gain 15 points. Then add your score for the other rows and subtract 5 points for each penalty to determine your final score.

If you enjoy playing Qwixx online, you will love playing Qwixx at home with friends and family!

Qwixx - A Fast Family Game